Persimmon Homes

We are the national direct marketing agency for Persimmon Homes. We’ve designed and built a powerful bespoke lead nurturing and marketing system that we manage day-to-day, and we produce and fulfill all their highly targeted direct mail, email and SMS marketing campaigns to their prospects. A client for over 10 years, we’ve also produced pretty much everything except tv and radio. Hundreds of brochures, photography, CGIs, site branding, signage, co-ordinated campaigns etc. etc. etc.

Brian McWhinnie "Designamite provide high-quality, effective marketing for our company. They often go above and beyond what is asked of them and the work they create is delivered on-time, to a continual high standard, and is regularly proven to drive sales and increase traffic to our website." Brian McWhinnie Group Sales & Marketing Manager

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Key services include:

  • Cloud Based Lead Nurturing & CRM System
  • Fully Responsive and Targeted Email Marketing
  • Corporate Identity & Brand Development
  • Direct Mail
  • Press Advertising
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Signage and Billboards
  • Illustration
  • Computer Generated Images
  • Photography
  • SMS Marketing